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Designing My Own iPhone 8 From Scratch!

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Published on 24 Oct 2021 / In Entertainment

Here's the iPhone 8 I'd want Apple to make. The iPhone is probably the most iconic name in tech. Instantly recognizable the iPhone changed the face of mobile computing. Now it's my turn to imagine my very own iPhone... My dream iPhone 8... My ultimate iPhone!

I teamed up with Concept Creator to dream up the ultimate iPhone 8. I thought about some of my favorite smartphone features and design aspects and Concept Creator helped bring them to life. The iPhone featured in this video is strictly a concept and features the following attributes.

- Triple Lens (Standard, Zoom, Wide)

- Stereo front facing speakers

- Fingerprint embedded in screen


- 3000mAH battery

- Sim / microSD combo slot

- Wireless charging

- 5.8 inch screen

- Angular design for more confident grip

- Bluetooth 5.0

- Maximum screen to body ratio

- Texture on volume up button

Designing and manufacturing a new iPhone is an incredibly difficult process. This video is simply a creative exercise. I decided to focus on a small set of features instead of listing off every possible specification. Some of these features are aspirational for an iPhone (for example I don’t see expandable storage or stereo front facing speakers happening anytime soon). Imagining an iPhone 8 from scratch proved to be a cool challenge and something I’d like to try again in the future. If you worked as head designer at Apple what would your dream iPhone 8 look like?

Check out Concept Creator - https://www.youtube.com/channe....l/UC09L_iJkMVxabXrPz

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