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BUSINESS MOTIVATION: How to Stay Focused & Grow Your Business | Behind The Scenes With Neil Pate

Neil Patel
Published on 06 Oct 2021 / In Marketing

Do you struggle to stay motivated when growing your business? Watch this behind the scene video to learn more about what keeps me motivated. Subscribe here to watch more of my business motivational videos: https://www.youtube.com/subscr....iption_center?add_us
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Summary of the video. What motivates you?
0:04 Why Success isn't easy and how to stay motivated
0:22 Training different levels of competencies is challenging. Some people in my audience were beginner marketers, and others were more advanced making the training quite difficult
0:47 I HATE disappointing people. Do everything to protect your brand
1:17 I love it; I love helping others. It's funny everyone always thinks that it's about money and money's bullshit. You buy a fancy car; you drive a Lamborghini, you see this shit on YouTube all the time.
What does that mean? NOTHING
1:49 You should only be loving what you do, and everything else shouldn't even matter it's just like cars, homes, I have a fancy house here in Hollywood, right?
More money more problems. This should be my future motivational speech.
Focus on helping people and this will help you learn how to motivate yourself.

2:28 Everyone thinks that I'm driven to buy more cars and more homes, but I don't need any of that, and neither do you.
I was happy as a kid, and I was dirt poor.

2:48 You don't fancy stuff to be happy. Don't go buying a bigger car that you don't need
3:03 You want to live a minimalistic life.
3:18 What truly drives me is helping people with their marketing and their online businesses
3:33 So business is your hobby?
Business is a sport. I love to compete!

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